For An Individual

The MH-1 is a compact studio apartment which is big on design and maximizes the use of space. This variant is perfectly suited for an individual, living alone in the city. They could be an executive climbing the corporate ladder or an aspiring star trying their luck in Bollywood.

Advantage of MH-1 :

1. No matter where your place of work; you will find a Metro Home located close by so as to minimize travel time.

2. Instead of paying high rentals every month, you could be paying a monthly amount towards owning your own home - an investment rather than just an expense !

3. No need to deal with issues of landlords, PG accommodation or shift home once your lease expires - you own your residence.

4. Apne Dam Par payment option from Rashmi Housing allows you to invest in your home without having to take on  home loans and spend on EMIs.