For The Newly Married Couple

For the young couple just setting up residence in their marriage, this variant is most appropriate. This variant is just right for their space requirements as they started a new life and affording them the privacy of their own home.

Advantage of MH- 2 :

1. Young couples get the benefit of having their own home and privacy.

2. With 45 locations to choose from they can set up home close to their families and comfort zone, so they always have a support system even while living independently.

3. Investing in real estate is always a smart decision.

4. Instead of targeting a large home and being burdened with EMIs at the beginning of a new chapter in life, this variant is ideal for current needs - upgrade to a bigger home later as the family grows.

5. Apne Dam Par payment option from Rashmi Housing allows couples to invest in a home without having to take on  home loans and spend on EMIs.