For the quintessential indian family

The Indian joint family usually comprises of three generations with grandparents, parents and children living together. To ensure that there is harmony in the household, space and more importantly space management is essential. There is a seamless flow in the interiors which prevent needless loss of space.

Advantage of MH-4 :

1. The MH - 4 variant triumphs in its design which allows for family bonding while giving everyone their own level of privacy.

2. Upgrade to a home with all essential amenities while living in an area of your choice.

3. Second bedroom for children also doubles as a study room.

4. Grandparents are free to pursue their interest.

5. Parents have luxury of privacy in their own room.

6. Invest in real estate without the burden of home loans when family chooses the Apne Dam Par payment option from Rashmi Housing.