A unique payment schedule


Having understood the complexity and calculations of real estate development well, the company introduced an optional unique payment schedule "Apne Dam Par" along with the traditional home loan system.

It's proven... It's tested... It's nothing else but economics based on wise planning...

"Apne Dam Par" payment schedule is offered exclusively to prospective buyers of Rashmi's project. Introduced way back in the year 2009 and till date more than 5000 family's have taken advantage of "Apne Dam Par".

A home buyer's direct take away out of "Apne Dam Par" -

1. It offers Interest Free 50 monthly installments

2. It helps a home buyer save on huge interest cost

3. It reduces home loan repayment period from 15 or 20 years to just 5 years

4 Under this payment plan, automatically more than 30% amount remains unpaid till actual possession

5. Monthly interest free installments are cautiously kept quite close to probable EMI's

How it works -

1. Because of fifty interest free monthly installments, almost 70% of property cost gets paid till the possession, practically without any interest.

2. Against 80% borrowing in traditional load system, with "Apne Dam Par" home loan amount reduces to just 40%

3. This results in reduced requirement of home loan amount

4. Which ends up in shorter repayment period

5. Final takeaway is huge savings of interest cost.

Positive socio economic impact of "Apne Dam Par" -

1. Shorter debt period

2. Stress free living

3. Surplus amount available with home buyer to spend on...

    (i)    Children's education

    (ii)    Parent's care taking

    (iii)    Family's recreation

    (iv)   Creating wealth for family

    (v)    Even booking a new property

In their own benefit, the company wants every home buyer to know and understand the concept. For which, it invites all prospective home buyers and are expected to invest their one hour. Our executive will explain concept personally in details. Only because it's a new concept and slightly technical.